Senior Operations Executive/Manager (KL, Malaysia, IT Testing Services)


The executive works in a fast paced environment in a professional office setting.  There may be significant autonomy, and thus significant responsibility. 

As a front-line staff for our  Client, the role is responsible for burst mode testing which include managing all paper based testing and mobile testing activities. 

Good communicator 
High degree of flexibility 
Meticulous in detail planning/documentation 
Experience in managing paper based test would be an advantage 
Able to work under pressure 
Project Management experience would be an advantage 
Past working experience in the learning space would be an advantage 

Regional Experience 
Late Twenties to Early Thirties 

0.  Recruitment./training of Proctors (examiners) 
1.  Maintaining documentation on setup policies, client practices and procedures. 
2.  Maintain duty roaster for admin day staffing 
3.  Manage pre/actual/post admin day activities 
4.  Co-ordinate with logistics company in ensuring packages received in a secure manner 
5.  Reporting of venue testing readiness 
6.  Protect security of all software and testing environment 
7.  Monitor environmental conditions and keep them within established limits 
8.  File report with corporate office for any occurrence which falls out side acceptable guidelines 
9.  Maintain all testing environment to our client's corporate standards at all time 
10.  Accept responsibility for special projects as assigned by supervisor 
11.  Able to work over weekend/shift timing occasionally 
1.  Refuse to administer tests if candidate identification is not acceptable or appropriate authorization is not presented 
2.  Terminate tests if security is breached 
3.  Contact property management to maintain environmental conditions within acceptable limits 
4.  Maintain appropriate levels of inventory used in all testing venue 

0.  Experience dealing with the public from a position of authority 
1.  Verbal skills to communicate effectively 
2.  Ability to handle multiple tasks at one time 
3.  Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions 
4.  Able to design workflow 
5.  Good Communicator/Facilitators 
6.  Self-starter 
7.  Ability to write routine reports and communicate effectively 
8.  Good usage skills in using Excel/Macro 


Degree preferred.  Five to Eight years experience in  operations and managing of paper based test.   
Base in KL 
Willing to travel up to 30% of their time 
Reports to: Manager or Director (depending on the years of related experience) 

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Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Open