Supplier Relationship Manager (CM and ODM)


This position is expected to be an influential informal leader of peers and teams for strategic procurement and purchasing matters. This position is responsible for the cost, delivery, responsiveness, compliance and related business (or commercial) performance of the supply base.

Primary Responsibilities
  • Focal point for all Supplier business activities
  • Work closely with R&D in the product design cycle on material selection, supplier selection, design for manufacturing, prototyping, cost
    prediction Cost negotiations, part qualification, etc.
  • Draft and negotiate development and supply agreements/contracts with controlled suppliers under this position’s responsibilities; work with R&D & Manufacturing to generate supporting Statement of Work (SOW) documentation
  • Leads cost, labor rates, and unit pricing negotiations with suppliers to achieve the best total cost for the company. Responsible for identifying cost reduction opportunities and achieving them
  • Responsible for all business aspects of the supply base including ongoing supplier management, performance measurement, and development
  • Lead Supplier Request for Quote (RFQ) and selection process; understand and develop the available supply base
  • Perform detailed project and unit price/cost analysis, tracking, and reporting; includes project budget estimation, tracking, and approvals
  • Project management and tracking of supplier milestones schedule
  • Lead Supplier Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) as appropriate
  • Develop a business model between supplier and our client that meets both companies’ requirements for the projected business, recognizing “one size” does not fit all situations. Examples of items to address are: SMI, supply planning, SC length, inventory ownership, self warranty, etc.
  • Ensures supply base works cooperatively with our client’s third party partners to ensure lowest total landed cost and optimized performance
  • Qualifies supplier’s business process for ongoing supply of parts (supply chain, etc)
  • Manages end of life supply for affected parts in conjunction with the service and support strategy. Expected to resolve any part end of life issues

Minimum Requirements
  • BSc in relevant Engineering or Business discipline; MBA preferred
  • Minimum 3 years experience managing Contract Manufacturing (CM) partners; Outsource Design & Manufacturing (ODM) experience preferred
  • Able to work independently in a flexible, quick-paced, ever changing environment to achieve timely and accurate results
  • Have relevant experience and knowledge in the consumer electronics commodity and outsourcing industry; can benchmark for best practices and pricing
  • Able to effectively work in a cross-functional team including procurement, finance, engineering, software, firmware, manufacturing, test, and logistics to understand customer requirements from a strategic perspective and translate those requirements into a supplier base that meets all expectations and future needs
  • Exhibits strong leadership, interpersonal, and teamwork skills
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written, to provide effective and timely communications with all levels of personnel, including senior management
  • Able to travel frequently
  • Sensitivity to different cultures

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Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Open