Account Presales Consultant (WAN, australia)

Published: Friday, 28 August 2009
Pre Sales  
1. As part of the core account team you are required to drive technical aspects of all RFP’s, bids and new requirements and the strategic adoption of products to CIO level in the customer account  (designing and costing data and voice network solutions, detailing scope of supply and providing design input to formal service proposals).  
2. Qualify new opportunities in customer organization and assist development and execution of account planning.  
3. To provide “Best of Breed” Solutions where possible
4.  Gather and understand customer’s requirements and service issues and articulate persuasively the proposed solutions and why our client is best place to serve their customer's business critical networks.  
5. As part of bid management, strategize and incorporate our clients strengths as differentiators together with account sales team
6.  You are responsible to scope the customer equipments, services to be provided, documentation and consultancy to the customer on the solution and price for the solution. These designs may largely be using our client's standard products and services, or may be fully customised with “best in breed” third party products for a customer’s specific requirements  
1.  Lead the technical implementation of the project
2.  Own technical and other issues relating to all our client's products and service solutions supplied to nominated accounts, both internally and through agreed third party suppliers.    
3.  Create and maintain design documentation for each customer  
4.  Conduct regular design reviews with both the view to improve customers operations while concurrently identify new business opportunities and pass leads to Sales.  
Performance Measures  
1.  Revenue growth and retention  
2.  Customer satisfaction
3.  Total revenues for services supplied to the nominated customer  
4.  Business opportunities identified and developed jointly with Account Manager  
Candidate must have the following technical skills and a comprehensive understanding of key technologies  
1.  Application Performance Management (Cisco, Riverbed, Ipanema)  
2.  Mobility and Unified Communications (Cisco, Avaya)  
3.  Wide Area Networking using protocols such as EoSDH, VPLS, MPLS, Frame Relay, ATM, ISDN, IPVPN, TCP/IP & Managed network services. Transmission networks, multiplexing and broadband cell relay technology.  
4.  Voice and Video over IP  
5.  Private voice networking using small, medium and large PBXs and involving the use of TDM & PCM. Voice signalling and voice over IP technology.  
6.  In depth industry understanding/knowledge of the SBO/FBO and competitive environment in the Australian and Asian region.  
Product knowledge
1.  Routers (All models of CISCO Routers, IBM, Huawei and Hypercom)  
2.  LAN Switches (All models of Cisco Switches, Avaya Switches, Nortel Switches)  
3.  Data Communication Equipment (Digital modems, emulators)  
4.  Security, VPN and IDS  
5.  Wireless LAN (Cisco Aironet / Aruba)  
6.  IP telephony    
7.  Others (Datacryptors, Terminal Adaptors, FEP, Cisco WLAN products)  
3.  Networking Protocols  
1.  Ethernet, Token Ring, ATM, Frame Relay, HSSI, ISDN, Analogue dial, POS  
4.  IPX : RIP, EIGRP, NLSP    
6.  IPTel : H.323, Cisco Skinny  
7.  Other Major Protocols : Spanning Tree, GRE Tunnel, SNMP  
8.  Networking Services - DNS, DHCP (with DDNS and Failover), WINS  
9.  Network Management – IBM Netview 6000, Ciscoworks, Avaya CajunView, MRTG  
Educational Qualifications & Working Experience  
1.  Degree in Electrical, Electronics, Computer Sciences and Telecommunications engineering  
2.  8-10 years of working experience in pre-sales solution support  
3.  Cisco Certification (CCIE)  
4.  Microsoft, Nortel and Juniper EXPERT level certifications  

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Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Open