Regional Application Engineer (C++/UNIX/SS7)

Regional Application Engineer

The role of the Applications Engineer is to deliver best in class technical services & support that delights our customers through:
a. Proactive prioritized Application “Design In” services and support for identified Independent Software Vendors, OEMs and System Integrators
b. Targeted and easily accessible application development consultation and support.
c. Easily accessible and effective product installation and configuration support.

The core responsibilities of the position are customer-facing technical services and support. A significant portion of each day will be spent communicating with customers via phone, e-mail, chat or in-person. 
- Facilitate and/or drive issue resolution through technical leadership and organization relationships
- Interact directly with customers and the our client's extended sales force responding to technical information requests, design guidance inquires & problem reports related to the our client's hardware & software platforms or generically associated with voice and telecommunications systems.
- Provide assistance to customers in the proper design, programming & installation of our client's hardware & software platforms
- Record & document customer communications via the issue tracking systems and product defect tracking systems
- Develop tools, documentation (technical notes, whitepapers etc), reference systems, sample code and solution collateral to speed job functions and aid in knowledge transferral throughout our client and to direct and indirect customers.
- Responsible for execution of job responsibilities to relevant metrics and commitments
- Ensure personal career development through regular participation in new product & technology transfer training, through attendance at any outside seminars & training programs coordinated by our client, through self-directed exploration of available reference materials, and through seeking coaching and mentoring from management and other senior members of the organization
- Ensure the attainment and maintenance of Industry knowledge of emerging technologies and their impacts to integrated solutions based upon our client's products

Qualifications and Knowledge

The Application Engineer is a customer-facing role within a typically large account context.

- Candidates will typically have host-level / application-level programming experience rather than experience in embedded systems. They will typically be comfortable with asynchronous development environments and state machines.
- BS/MS in Computer Sciences, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications or equivalent and should have at least 3 years of relevant technical experience.
- Proficient in C/C++ programming and debugging skills with good knowledge of Windows and Linux based platforms.

Candidates with any of the following will have preference
-Strong knowledge in the VoIP area such as H.323, SIP, RTP/RTCP, and RFC28833
-3G Video and H.324M Standard
-Knowledge of Mobile Instant Messaging, Mobile Value Added Services SMS, MMS, WAP);
-Understanding and experience of mobile messaging and protocols (IMPS, SIP/SIMPLE, IMS….)
-Understanding of telecom networks in particular SS7, E1 R2MF and ISDN.
-Familiarity with computer server hardware
-Fluency in English and Mandarin is essential as you will be working closely with customers in the Asian market
-Available to travel at short notice


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Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Open