Senior Operations Engineer (based in Penang, Malaysia)

Published: Tuesday, 15 May 2007
Our client, a global telco

Reporting to: Operations Manager, South Asia

Principal Job Responsibilities:

1. Provisioning/Installation Management
· Support the ordering and installation of local loops for connections into our client's network and meet the RFS date.
· Perform equipment circuit design, software configuration, physical wiring, cross connects and mapping in support of provisioning and maintenance.
· Manage the installation, testing and commissioning of new networks, systems, circuits and cablings.
· Support our client's customer/backbone equipment/network installation and activation.
· Support site survey, CPE install and site turn up/activation at customer premise.
· Manage logistical work including equipment delivery and storage.

2. Fault/Maintenance Management
· Perform 7x24 oncall duty with priority for immediate attention to faults.
· Provide support to the Regional Operations Centre (24x7) for any local loop circuit faults and equipment failures (including on-site support).
· Perform fault troubleshooting and isolation of both customer and backbone incidents to meet MTTR.
· Provide on-site support for planned maintenance of our client's network (24x7).
· Perform tape swap of backup tapes for systems requiring such routine maintenance.

3. Vendor Management
· Manage suppliers/PTT/vendors for smooth delivery of service and meet RFS date & MTTR.
· Perform coordination/escalation to suppliers/PTT/vendors and internal management when required/necessary.
· Work closely with service providers to improve quality of service, delivery lead-time, maintenance support, accurate RFO reports and security of the our client's Tech/Pop/GPOP sites.

4. Inventory Management
· Maintain an up-to-date database of Tech/GPOP equipment/circuits inventory.
· Maintain hardware spares and performs RMA of faulty equipment.
· Ensure critical spares availability and are properly stored/secured.


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Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Open