Service Desk Coordinator (2k)

Good co-ordination skill, Admin Focal Point core duties circles around coordination, thus this skill is very important.
Good Customer Services Skill both verbal & email communication.
Well Organize, meticulous to details
Good memory (As lots of Admin Tasks require a fair amount of follow-up on specific dates)
Good with Microsoft Excel and Outlook.
Basic knowledge on Hardware, eg: What is a full desktop set, RAM, Harddisk, etc....
Reporting Skill (For Statistics Reporting, as require)
Negotiation skill
Analytic Skill (To determine when to reject user's request when necessary)
Basic knowledge on Data Centre/able to identify data & voice cabling/port/ Physical Servers mgmt
Basic knowledge on Telecommunication devices/services. Eg: Blackberry/Digital or Analog Desk phone/
Type of desk phone services/ Video Conference Devices & how to set them up/etc....


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Email Employer:
Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Open