Temp IT Support Engineers x 10 (bank)

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(Preferred for Singapore based candidates)

IT management/support on Office PC Hardware & Software Installation and Updates, management and maintenance of LAN, security and back up of servers & PCs.

2.       Proposed On Site Managed IT Maintenance:  may require (if necessary only) to go down to the site on an as per scheduledbasis to help up on IT support needs.

Examples of needs such as:


  • Planting Anti-Virus agents and updating Virus signatures on the computer systems.
  • Updating the operating system when new patches are available from Microsoft,
  • Installation of latest software patches and updates.
  • Regular backups of required data files on all computer systems
  • IT related support (troubleshooting and suggestions for any IT needs, settling up of new and current hardware),
  • Technical Consultation for systems based in office.
  • IT consultation and education for usersproblem faced in office,
  • Maintenance of local area network such as to identify network irregularities, critical security breaches etc.

3.       Other specific services as identified

�         Remote Email Account Management

This involves the creation, maintenance & management of email accounts on the email server based on users request/requirement.   This can be done remotely with the provision of the administrators login to manage the email accounts.

�         Remote Website Maintenance



General CV submission 


Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Open