Rack & Stack Engineers (server hardware de/commissioning

A foreign bank
- Plan / Schedule and work closely with OEM vendors (e.g. HP, IBM, SUN) on physical installation, upgrade and break-fix for hardware. 
- Plan / Schedule and work closely with platform groups on firmware refresh / update, OS upgrade and patches. 
- Provide physical hands-on support for all server hardware, e.g. power-cycle or reboot. 
- Provide 1st level investigation into hardware problem. 
- Engage in new server roll-in, and decommissioning of sunset hardware / application.  Includes proper disposal if the hardware is deemed unusable. 
- Monitor server/services availability, include premises monitors (e.g. door and fire alarms). 
- Required to perform rotating shift duty, 24X7.  
Required Skill set/Knowledge:-  
- Technical know-how of server components, e.g. HDD, CPU, disk-partitioning, low-level BIOS setup, configure network/IO card. 
- Ability to effectively communicate technical terms/jargons with vendor's engineer during break fix.  
- Knowledge on Wintel and/or Unix server hardware, (preferably SUN, IBM, HP), SAN storage and networking components (routers & switches). 
- Basic or advanced System admin.  
- Rack & stack.  
- Conversant with MS Office suite of products.  
- Familiar with large DC facilities.  
- Preferably with background (1) min 3 yrs experience in Data Center Ops OR (2) one to two years as system 

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Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Open