Business Operations Analyst (KPI / balanced scorecard)

Budget 4.5K  
1.  identifying issues, forming hypotheses, performing analysis, developing recommendations and helping to implement changes within the organization  
2.  Assist in designing, cascading and tracking the company’s balanced scorecard via our Key Performance Indicators, as well as support the business performance reviews  
3.  Perform strategic cross-functional studies/initiatives on the company operations
4.  Establish and maintain strategy-related tools, information and processes  
1.  At least 2 years’ practical experience in one or more of the following professional areas: balanced scorecard design and deployment; business planning and analysis; strategy formulation; workshop facilitation; financial statement analysis; change  management; as well as business process improvement  
2.  Familiar with strategy frameworks, tools and processes  
3.  Personality traits: Persistent, influence, push for changes, high EQ, ability to overcome resistance  

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Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Open