Advanced Systems Engineer - Citrix / Host based computing

Provide engineering skills to create and operate an Applications Service Providing (ASP) server as well as a client support infrastructure based on the New Standard Client (NSC), in order to support mission critical business processes for S -IT and our client's Industries, affiliates, plants, and facilities in such a way as to meet the system requirements of performance, reliability, and project time constraints in the most cost effective manner. Provide the technical expertise to develop, modify, maintain and support such systems. 

Principal Accountabilities: 
1.  Responsible for technical analysis, specification, documentation, implementation, maintenance and troubleshooting of ASP servers and NSC client support infrastructure. Manage the continual security, support and optimization of computer systems involved in the company wide use of such applications. Projects may include those with technical requirements that have no precedents within the corporation. 
2.  Planning, coordination, assistance and documentation of client management and rollout scenarios based on the current corporate standards. 
3.  Training and education of IT service units –global- regarding implementations of client management systems and related hard- and software products. 
4.  APAC 2nd and 3rd level support/troubleshooting –global- for IT service units within client and terminal server environment. Sometimes end user support. 
5.  Software preparation and repackaging for software distribution to clients and terminal servers. 
6.  Support and troubleshooting of infrastructure systems related to client management and Citrix/terminal server environments. 
7.  Support, operation and troubleshooting of terminal server systems offering ASP applications. 
8.  Test and evaluate new hard and software products inside the client and ASP environment. 
9.  Develop and integrate tools for company client and ASP management. 
10.  Member of the global CSS team. 

Strategic Focus: 
Provide technical skills to create ASP and New Standard Client (NSC) infrastructure to support mission critical business processes for S-IT and our client's Industries and affiliates plants and facilities in the most cost effective manner, while building a solid knowledge base for continued support of those facilities. 
Remain up-to-date on new technologies and vendor innovations to reduce technology costs and increase efficiencies.   

Candidate Qualifications and Experience: 
11.  This position requires a BS degree in Computer Science or comparable degree, and 3 years of experience, or 6 years of experience without degree.  Microsoft MSCE and Citrix CCEA certification are preferred. 
12.  A high degree of specialized technical knowledge is required in a broad range of sub-fields, often considered separate specialties, such as Operating Systems and security, with the ability to translate this knowledge into a persuasive presentation to the customer. 
13.  The incumbent must have a thorough knowledge of theory, analysis and application of computers systems, servers, networks and emerging computer technologies. 
14.  A general knowledge of MS applications is also essential, and the capability to evaluate new products quickly and in-depth. 
15.  This position requires a self-directed, motivated and inquisitive individual, who is analytical and capable of “big picture” thinking. Ability to perceive the importance of solutions to the business, with an in-depth knowledge of corporate and technical standards and policies. 
16.  Excellent customer focus and communication skills with the ability to understand, review, and ensure compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). Self-learning, intercultural teamwork, with strong conflict management skills will be significant keys to success. 
17.  This position also may serve as overall Project Manager for the entire scope of the ASP-project, including concept, design, scheduling, installation, testing, start-up, and final documentation. Must provide seasoned technical expertise in order to independently make major design decisions. 
18.  This position will be integrated into the CSS global organization. Work must be coordinated with other disciplines, and S-IT world wide. Often involves finding creative technical solutions to various design problems. 
19.  Challenges include working under pressure of project deadlines, keeping up with ever-changing technology, and integrating diverse syste


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Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Open