Project Manager (PMP, ITIL , service delivery)

Role: project manager is responsible for are likely to be standard or sub-projects of large complex projects. The following responsibilities show the breadth of issues the project manager needs to manage. 

accountability for project performance.  Ensure a project plan is prepared and maintained. Use previous experience and follow the our client's project management method.  Measure performance and take corrective action where necessary. Manage a change management process to provide change control. 
Conduct stakeholder analysis, define and manage customer expectations both stated and unstated.
Manage the interface between our client and the customer.
Liaise with the our client's business units for project inputs and regularly report to the sponsor.   Clarify definition of mandate, details of contract and manage contract variations.  
Manage the relationship with internal and where applicable external customers to monitor and manage any changes to requirements or expectations. Ensure acceptance of project deliverables by stakeholder/customer/sponsor. 
Project Time Management - Use a formal process to estimate times for all activities, sequence them and then prepare the schedule. Control performance to meet the deliverables according to the schedule. 
Plan, allocate and manage budgets.
Quality Management
Human Resources Management - Actively promote team effectiveness, morale and productivity.
Communications Management - Implement a communication strategy to inform all stakeholders, provide regular reports.
Risk Management
Procurement Management - In management of sub-projects in large complex engagements work within the procurement management processes defined. Manage third party equipment and suppliers. 
1. ITIL, PMP and data/voice project exp
2. Some Service Delivery Management exp
.  A degree with at least 5 - 8 years of experience in managing large and complex projects. 
.  Project Management - Experienced in the principles, methods and techniques for the effective management of projects.  A minimum 5 years experience of demonstrated competence in project management preferably with some development projects.   
.  Communication - Proficient written and oral communicator. 
.  Analytical - Familiar with facilitating a team of appropriate experts to resolve issues. 
.  Project Management Tools - Familiar with the use of automated tools to assist in the project management process by automating mechanical tasks such as scheduling, resource balancing and time recording, e.g. Microsoft Project. 
.  Project Management Methodologies - Familiar with the application of project management methodologies to provide constancy of delivery quality. 
.  Progress Reporting - Expert in the methods and techniques for reporting the progress of activity against plan. 
.  Cross-Functional and Inter-Disciplinary Awareness - Understanding the needs, objectives and constraints of those in other disciplines and functions 
.  Strategic Perspective - Keeping overall objectives and strategies in mind, and not being deflected from these when dealing with matters of detail 
.  Leadership - Able to motivate and lead others towards the achievement of goals and objectives. 
.  Strong presentation skills 
.  People management skill 
.  Good conflict management and negotiation skill 
.  Customer Focus - Understanding and keeping the customer’s or client’s needs continually in mind when taking actions or making decisions. 
.  Initiative - Being proactive, taking action and anticipating outcomes 
.  Delegation - Delegating tasks, responsibilities and authorities effectively 

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