Notes Domino Administrator

  • Provide Lotus Notes Daily Management, Analysis, Troubleshooting and Maintenances Lotus Notes mail files/users, mail-in Databases on 11 Domino Hub, Mail, SMTP, Application, Samtime, Fax and Development servers. 
  • Administration, analysis & problem resolution and Routine Housekeeping Services - on server crash, request & issues on Lotus Notes account, register, rename, recertify, & delete users, move users to new certifier, modify person doc, rules, databases ACL, clustering, Drive disk space, cluster replication, replication conflicts, for dead mail, mail routing & to external  server, Resource Reservation, template issues, Active Directory (AD), Server, department shared folders (& access right) and etc. 
  • Perform Monitoring Services - Monitor of Domino, server tasks, and server performance, bandwidth, replication, clustering, mail tracking, log and errors. 
  • Perform Upgrading / Migration - Upgrade and migrate of Server Operating System (OS), Lotus Domino servers, Lotus Notes Client, Antivirus / Filtering for Domino, Application Databases, Resource Reservation and mail file migration/template upgrade. 
  • Provide other Troubleshooting and Maintenances - Perform diagnostic, troubleshoot and maintenances services for Hardware and software; OS, network, system, benchmark OS performance, Citrix, patching, transmitting pertinent files to Lotus for support, perform editing/testing/implement Lotus Notes mail/application template and etc. 
  • Provide varies support and other services - Provide different level support and resolve cases. Perform planning and advice, testing, demo, implement of ID recovery, document on troubleshooting and guide, restoration of files and databases.


General CV submission 


Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Open