Operations Manager (Data Centre)

Responsible and assists the data centre manager in the day-to-day consistent running of all aspects of operations service delivery such  as facilities management, production control, monitoring, tapes management, backups, bulk printing, production integration, programme  migration, audits, processes and procedures.
Helps to develop and implement monthly/annual operational budgets,  forecasts, business plans, operations unit rates and costings with the  data centre manager to ensure proper planning for impacts of marketing efforts, outages, service level agreements and other issues.
Ensure smooth integration with other Global Management Centres to provide continuous service to customer.
Works with client to enhance delivery of service through effective monitoring of programs, process improvement and problem prevention/resolution initiatives.
Leverages business, technical and interpersonal skills to manage the operations, customers and account management personnel.

Must be minimum diploma or 'a' level with many years of data centre working experience.  

Have managed a small data centre for for 3 - 5 yrs that cover facilities, batch jobs and other aspects of data centre operations.  

He must have managed a small team of operators and officers in his course of duties in managing the dat centre.   

A degree and working related experience in a banking environment would be an advantage.



General CV submission 


Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Open