Hardware Server Engineer (wintel)

1) The Server engineer is required to know and able to resolve server hardware issues when there is any breakdown.
2) As the Server engineer is required to support other locations, their knowledge in terms of server support would be Windows Enterprise Server/Datacenter rather than the normal simple setup within 1 location.

The main focus of the role will be the management of the operational side of the servers located in Singapore. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
Carry out regular checks on the status of servers from a hardware and software standpoint.
Manage the data backup of servers through the checking of nightly backup logs and the carrying out of file restores as requested by users.
Handle escalation support from Desktop Services and branch IT teams for desktop and server related issues. This will include answering the team hotline, responding to emails sent to the team or the individual and responding to requests logged to Remedy (ie. PM, GRS, SPEED).
Completing service requests from customers in the form of change requests, data requests, SPEED tasks for existing or new Wintel servers.
Regular maintenance of Wintel servers in Singapore through the installation of software upgrades, patches, hardware upgrades.
Vendor management / supervision for the installation and maintenance (hardware) of servers in Singapore.
After hours on-call escalation support. This would cover the initial problem diagnosis only. If the problem is a high level problem, then this should be escalated to one of the other Wintel Server Support Team members.


General CV submission 


Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Open