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Engineer (Cybersecurity) at Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

Job Description

Responsibilities You will be responsible for the cyber security of the Air Navigation Services (ANS) System (Mission-critical Communications, Navigation Aid, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management System (CNS/ATM) and ICT infrastructure). You will formulate policies relating to cyber security through continuous engagement with the various stakeholders including the regulator, industry players and relevant agencies, establish and maintain the necessary processes and procedures for preventive and responsive security measures to ensure the security of ANS Group's data. You will keep abreast of the latest industry ICT security practices and technologies as well as emerging threats and vulnerabilities, and recommend appropriate controls for implementation to improve the enterprise security posture. You will manage relevant security documentation and updating of the ANS Group's overall security programme, including planning, co-ordinating and conducting relevant training for security and assurance matters to raise and maintain high cyber security awareness in the ANS Group. You will manage the cyber-security implementations of the ANS System, including the design and engineering information security (e.g. authentication, perimeter security, security compliance tools), technology systems (software & hardware), and security policies / procedures. You will work closely with the system engineers to facilitate and validate the implementation in accordance with national and international ICT security standards and requirements. In cases of cyber-security incidents and attacks, you will conduct investigations into security breaches to determine the cause of the incidents and work closely with the system engineers to resolve the incidents, participate in post-incident reporting and propose enhancement to the systems and ICT infrastructure to close the security gaps. You will also coordinate internal and external audit needs/issues and participate in technical discussions and internal audit (e.g. scanning exercises, penetration tests) and provide guidance and solutions to enhance cyber-security posture (e.g. cyber defenses, mitigation measures) to meet national and international standards and requirements. Requirements Trained in Computer Engineering and/or Electrical and/or Electronic Engineering and/or Information Technology (Networking) and/or Computer Science and/or Engineering (Computing/ Telecommunication) or equivalent At least 2 years of relevant experiences in system project implementation and ICT security compliance and/or ICT security work experiences in infrastructure or network implementation Possess good experience in managing cyber-security projects, preferably having gone through at least one project implementation life-cycle All applicants will be notified on whether they are shortlisted or not within 4 weeks of the closing date of this job posting. Show more

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