Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies (CSIT)

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Software Engineer (Cybersecurity Operations Systems) at Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies (CSIT)

Job Description

CSIT develops products to advance the national security interests of Singapore. Our products are used in a wide range of operations, including but not limited to, Counter-terrorism and Computer Network Defence. We are looking for talented software engineers to build mission-critical products that identify, analyse and disrupt threats. Role As a software engineer in the cybersecurity operations systems domain, you will develop the systems that protect Singapore's cyberspace. You will work closely with cybersecurity operators to understand their day-to-day operations, and do research to understand the cybersecurity environment. You will develop scalable and robust solutions to solve complex operational problems found nowhere else. You will have support from a large technical community, with cloud-equivalent compute and data platforms that enable you to deliver value while maintaining the highest standards of information security. Responsibilities Design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and improve software Understand operational workflow and environmental constraints, propose effective systems design to support and improve cybersecurity outcomes Work with command and control team to publish data for deeper analysis, command and control Build sustainable automation processes to reduce software maintenance cost “ e.g. continuous integration, configuration management Showcase technical designs to management and senior management Work with users to showcase impact and improvements to management and senior management Identify and prototype new products that enhance existing capabilities or provide new opportunities Requirements Minimum qualifications Bachelor's degree in an engineering/computing field Software development experience in one or more general purpose programming languages Experience in setting up basic networking “ DNS, IP addressing, routing, subnetting Nice-to-haves Experience in one or more of the following areas: Low-level networking “ raw sockets, libpcap, scapy, dpdk Automated network provisioning “ DHCP, NAT, VLANs, VPNs, Ansible Service provisioning “ load balancers, virtual hosting, containers Web application development “ MVC, full-stack, or lightweight APIs Data processing & warehousing “ Splunk UI/UX “ React, Vue, Neo4j Experience working in Agile software development “ Scrum or Kanban As CSIT is an agency under the Ministry of Defence ( Singapore), only Singapore Citizens will be considered. Show more

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