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Cyber Security Engineer at Spectris plc

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Job Description

The Cyber Security Engineer position will support the Spectris Asia Pacific host entities located in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, India, and Australia. This position leverages experience in information systems and security to contribute to the development of policies and governance that adapt to changing threats over the long term. The Cyber Security Engineer works closely with the Group CISO, Group Information Security Architect and Group Cyber Security Specialist in the development and delivery of architectures, solutions and standards. In addition, the Cyber Security Engineer works with the Spectris Internal Audit teams in the assessment of potential risks and assists with tracking and remediation of those risks. Key Accountabilities Responsible for planning, implementing, monitoring and maintaining the organization security infrastructure in accordance with established IT policies and procedures. Demonstrates deep understanding of the tools, techniques, threat landscape, and technical controls required to mitigate a broad variety of cyber threats Implement and operate cyber security solutions. Accelerate security maturity and health across the Asia Pacific region in an optimum manner. Deliver and maintain information security policies across the Asia host entities. Promote and monitor our corporate security awareness program. Work to remediate risks including those identified by internal audit. Understanding and oversight of security-related legal compliance, such as the evaluation and implementation of corresponding matters of Cyber Security Law. Coordinate information security related work with all departments of the company. Identify cyber security events and incidents and follow Spectris processes to respond, report, remediate, and recover. Provide awareness and guidance within the Company on secure business processes, architecture design, and technical controls. Maintain awareness of evolving cybersecurity threats and best practices for mitigation. CANDIDATE SUMMARY Candidate Key Skills The role of the Cyber Security Engineer is a highly technical role with a focus on Information & Cyber Security but also demands business insight as the candidate will coordinate and serve as the liaison of the regional team to implement security programs and solutions across the Spectris group in Asia. Demonstrates deep understanding of IT system architecture and functionality. Understand all technical components of IT security including (but not limited to) encryption, firewalls, antivirus, vulnerability management, identity management, terminal management, security audit, data loss prevention, document security management and network, server, endpoint and application security. Familiar with the theory and practice of information security, familiar with ISO27001 standard. Understand domestic and foreign laws, regulations and standards related to information security, such as Cyber security law, GDPR, etc. Demonstrable understanding and experience of complexities, differences in culture and working practices and effective security measures in all regions of the world Full-stack knowledge of IT infrastructure: Databases Operating systems — Windows, Unix and Linux Hypervisors IP networks — WAN and LAN Storage networks — Fibre Channel, iSCSI and NAS Backup networks and media Candidate Experience and Qualifications Major in information security and computer technology Work experience: IT operation and maintenance or development related experience, more than 3 years; Information security related experience, more than 3 years; · Personality traits: responsible, serious and rigorous at work, teamwork spirit, dedication, strong learning ability, strong communication and coordination ability as well as persistent, curious, perceptive, analytical, efficient, discreet, trustworthy and ethically minded · Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing. Proficient in English for business communication. Additional Requirements · Should be prepared to travel throughout the Asia region and occasionally to UK/USA. Show more

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