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Trainee, Cybersecurity #SGUnitedTraineeships #PublicService at Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

Your Responsibilities Include You will be part of a dynamic cybersecurity team in the Futures and Information Technology Division of CAAS. You will be responsible for carrying out cybersecurity oversight and monitoring of the aviation sector Your mission is to strengthen the cybersecurity readiness and resiliency of CAAS and the aviation sector. Formulate and implement aviation cybersecurity policies, code of practice and regulations to ensure effective cybersecurity oversight of Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) owners and other regulated entities; Assist in the development of an integrated Security Operations Centre (SOC) to equip the sector with advanced cyber threat monitoring and detection, early warning, threat hunting, and active defence capabilities for IT and OT systems; Manage and coordinate responses and investigation efforts during cybersecurity incidents; Search, gather and analyse cyber threat intelligence obtained from numerous sources to derive credible intelligence using analytics tools; : Assist in the conduct of cybersecurity exercises for the aviation sector; Work closely with internal and external stakeholders to regularly review and enhance cybersecurity incident response plans and playbooks to achieve better cybersecurity readiness; Provide management updates, incident reports and recommendations to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of cybersecurity monitoring and detection; Keep abreast of the latest industry cybersecurity practices and technology as well as emerging threats and vulnerabilities, and recommend appropriate controls and solutions for implementation to enhance aviation cybersecurity posture; Participate in international meetings and engage international cybersecurity counterparts to advance international cybersecurity standards and interests. Duration: 4 months Show more

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