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Senior Manager Cyber Security at Senoko Energy 

IT security design, management and Security operations Security threat response and mitigation: To maintain awareness of the IT/OT security threat environment and develop countermeasures for the company, including the monitoring of IT/OT security alerts and the implementation of patches and remedies. IOC investigations: To manage the team to perform security investigations (e.g. indicators of compromise checks) on an as-needed basis. Security scanning and testing: To manage and report on regular vulnerability, penetration and other security tests on the company IT/OT infrastructure and networks Forensic investigations: To lead the conduct of forensic investigations as needed, including the analysis of logs, media, firewalls and other devices Administration of security systems: To manage the team to administer security controls and various systems that pertain to security Incident response: To serve as the security lead for critical security incident response Security design and management: Compliance: To manage the team to develop and in-depth understanding of the company’s IT & OT infrastructure and ensure that infrastructure and processes meet security posture requirements and comply with company security policies and regulatory requirements. New capability and solutions: Evaluate the cybersecurity aspects of new solutions and help manage or implement any controls and security products or services to mitigate risk of operations. Risk analysis: Analyze security and resiliency risks for IT systems and in-place process Processes and controls: Design and maintain the controls, procedures and documentation for security, controls, incident response, and other security related areas Conduct detective control testing: Manage the team to perform periodic detective controls testing, to ensure operations compliance with company’s policy and audit obligations Security training and awareness: Train staff on IT security practices, procedures and develop general security awareness Security documentation: To manage and develop and maintain appropriate security documentation for applications, middleware, infrastructure and systems. Threat and security environment awareness and reporting: Provide regular security updates to the senior management, and to update management on industry developments (threat environment and security countermeasures and landscape) Information security support Support: To manage and support the Information Security initiatives, including working with the information security officer to ensure IT security policies are put in place and observed. Expertise and consultancy: To manage and provide IT/OT security advisory and consultancy services to the Information Security office and other groups in the company IT & OT infrastructure design, architecture and management Manage the lifecycle of IT/OT infrastructure and software and to support the company’s business, including the evaluation of new hardware/software technologies and propose such upgrades and implementations within the timeline and budget. To lead and manage the team to liaise with users, vendors and business partners to ensure timely and effectively implementation of IT/OT infrastructure, solutions and services; and to manage infrastructure and related projects from conceptualization to delivery Documentation, procedures, and practices: To manage the documentation of the company’s IT/OT policies, guidelines, processes and work procedures etc. Validate and review the procedures on system support and control integration. Ensure that IT & OT best practices are put in place for the day to day operations of the IT infrastructure. Business continuity and disaster recovery: Design, implement and test the resiliency and reliability of the IT/OT Infrastructure periodically via IT DR exercises Requirements Degree in IT Computer Science 5 years of experience in IT Experience with IT security is essential Experience with a range of IT infrastructure is essential Experience with ISO 27000 and related certification is a plus, but not essential Experience with middleware and databases is a plus, but not essential Security related certification (e.g. CISSP, CISM etc) is a plus, but not essential Strong written and oral communication skills Strong listening and interpersonal skills Highly self motivated and directed Keen attention to detail Able to prioritize and execute in high-pressure situations Show more

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