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Cybersecurity Intelligence Group Analyst - Fraud, Vice President at JPMorgan Chase & Co. 

As an experienced professional in our cybersecurity organization, you won’t just be watching over our data – you’ll be finding innovative new ways to protect it in the future. To do that, you’ll help lead a highly motivated team focused on analyzing, designing, developing, and delivering solutions built to stop adversaries and strengthen our operations. You’ll use your leadership skills to give guidance, advise on best practices and support our business and technology groups. By taking the lead on incident response, risk reviews, vulnerability assessments and identifying threats, you’ll help us deliver cost-effective solutions that put our clients first. You’ll deploy best practices, new policies and emerging trends to strengthen our strategic roadmap. By presenting your findings to senior leaders, you’ll sharpen your communication and presentation skills. As part of our global team of technologists and innovators, your work will have a critical impact on our company, as well as our clients and our business partners around the world. Cybersecurity Intelligence Group (CIG) holds the global mandate for JPMorgan Chase's cyber intelligence collection, analysis, and dissemination of finished products to JPMorgan Chase's population of security operations teams, information technology teams, lines of business and overall executive decision makers. CIG plays an integral role in the intelligence driven defense of JPMC. This team is responsible for external engagement with peer groups and information security circles regarding cyber threats, to address events such as intrusions, malware, DDoS, unauthorized access, insider attacks and loss of proprietary information. This includes developing a deep understanding of global threat actors. As a CIG Senior Analyst, you will provide intelligence support to Cybersecurity Operations investigations and should possess qualities such as a sharp intellect, an eye for detail, a high analytical capability and a good technical/cyber underpinning. You are expected to able to work autonomously, using sound judgment to decide which leads to pursue and prioritize investigations and workload accordingly. An interest in cyber, current affairs and technology is essential. Prior experience in investment banking, asset management, consumer and/or commercial banking, will put you at a distinct advantage. This role requires a wide variety of strengths and capabilities, including: - Strong demonstrable knowledge of Cybercrime, cyber enabled fraud and an understanding of the principles of intelligence gathering and analysis - Demonstrable experience in analyzing fraud including a strong investigative mindset and the ability to apply critical thinking skills in a past paced environment - Can take the lead if required and make decisions to direct operational resources during real time cyber fraud related incidents - Exposure to or an understanding of online organized crime groups and criminal markets, phishing, virtual currencies and other electronic crimes as they relate to cyber or technology enabled fraud - Skills in open and closed source research or intelligence gathering and analysis, relationship building, confidently presenting your ideas, building and maintaining contacts in the business and wider industry will be key to success in the role - Experience in analyzing large volumes of data including to develop actionable intelligence, conducting root cause and deep-dive analysis of complex problems, and in using visual analysis software such as i2 analyst notebook - Passionate about technology and not afraid to learn new technical skills, particularly as they relate to data mining and analysis and in developing an understanding of how sophisticated cyber fraud attempts take place - Can mentor analysts in the team leveraging previous experience - Ability to produce written intelligence reports and assessments related to cyber fraud initiatives with little to no oversight - Excellent written and verbal communication skills; ability to understand complex problems while presenting them in a manner that is easily understood - Bachelor's Degree or equivalent experience Highly Desired: - Significant experience working in an intelligence role such as for a government or law enforcement agency, or in an intelligence driven investigation or cyber fraud prevention role is highly desirable - High level of proficiency in reading and writing Mandarin, ideally including the ability to read and understand Mandarin internet slang and regulatory documents in Mandarin. This is required as this individual will cover cyber fraud intelligence and brand protection initiatives within the Chinese speaking parts of the APAC region. Ability in any other Chinese dialects or APAC languages would be a bonus - Familiarity with financial services industry terms, products and services particularly as they relate to the movement of money such as electronic payment systems is desirable The candidate will also need to learn to use of one or more High Security Access (HSA) systems. Users of these systems are subject to enhanced screening, which includes both criminal and credit background checks, and/or other enhanced screening at the time of accepting the position and on an annual basis thereafter. The enhanced screening will need to be successfully completed prior to commencing employment or assignment. Show more

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