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Cyber Security Engineer #SGUnitedJobs at ACP - KIDSCODE - LOOP 

The activities required to be performed shall include the following: Cyber Security Monitoring and Threat Intelligence Define, orchestrate and monitor security feeds, events, alerts, health and anomalies on 9x5 basis; Define normalcy baseline and tune monitoring thresholds; Prioritize and perform event triaging; Deploy and implement standard counter-measures for known attack patterns; Support focused monitoring during investigation; Proactively identify trends, threat profiles, unknown patterns and indicators of compromise; Design and implement tools to support and automate processes; Develop KPI reporting for security health. Incident Response: Analyse threats to distinguish between real threats and false positives; Determine appropriate threat response to be taken; Orchestrate response in real-time; Document results of the analysis as well as the post mortem status of incident occurrence; Remain contactable after office-hours for ad-hoc incident response handling; Proactively identify trends and indicators of advanced attack campaigns; Perform or support digital forensic investigation; Design and implement tools to support and automate processes; Develop KPI reporting for security health; Prepared to respond to incidents after office hours. The Qualification And Work Experience Required Are As Follows Recognised qualification in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/ Information Security or a related discipline; Minimum 2 years’ working experience in information/systems security engineering, security operations or incident response; Strong Knowledge of security vulnerabilities (e.g. OWASP Top 10, WASC, CWE); Knowledge of computer networks including IPv6; Security-specific knowledge or application, in one or more of the following technology areas: cloud computing, big data, IoT/AoT, artificial intelligence/machine learning, blockchain, DevOps, digital identity; Experience in administration and development on Linux and Windows platforms.c Show more

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