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Software Engineer, Mobile (Android) at Grab

Job Description

Job Description : Get to know our Team: When people talk about Grab, they generally refer to the apps that we develop, optimize and maintain. With all eyes on us, you’ll be treated as a hero when you deliver according to our high expectations. Our mobile engineering team is a large international group of highly talented developers who strive for quality and innovation. You’ll be working in an agile and test-driven development environment. Apart from developing new features, platforms and maintaining existing products, you also trial and evaluate new mobile technologies. We are continuously looking to innovate our transportation and payment platforms, which requires the help of top-notch Android engineers. Our production scale is massive. We process thousands of bookings a day and regularly see hundreds of millions of traffic data per month. When you push out new code millions of people will see what you made within seconds. Operating on this level is hard but deeply rewarding. Get to know the Role: Work closely with the Product, UX/UI and Backend teams to design, build and extend consumer and/or partner facing new products, platforms and features. Build re-usable Android software components for the Grab platform. Collaborate with QA on continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) as well as other automated and manual testing to make sure our app releases are always worthy of five star ratings. Monitor the performance of the live apps and continuously improve them on both code and experience level. Raise the bar by reviewing each other's code, share knowledge, tips and tricks, and generally help out - within and across teams. This may include pair programming. Evaluate new mobile methodologies and technologies. The must haves: A degree in computer science, software engineering, information technology or related fields. Up-to-date on the modern Android programming paradigm, including the use of RxJava and/or Kotlin. Strong UX/UI design exposure and experience in making apps work intuitively and with pixel perfect interfaces. You have working knowledge of several architectural approaches, caching, data storage and security. Strong CS fundamentals (with competencies in algorithms and data structures). You are highly accountable and take ownership. You also have a collaborative attitude, because ‘Your Problem Is My Problem’ (YPIMP). Show more

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