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Data Engineer ----As a Data Engineer you’ll be working on collecting, storing, processing, and analysing the 250GB (and growing!) of data we receive every week. Your number 1 goal is to help us turn all this data into insights. This also involves helping build machine learning algorithms by preparing and processing training and testing datasets. We’re expecting a well-rounded profile for this position. You need to feel comfortable being responsible for our analytics infrastructure. Our current data stack: Redshift/PostgreSQL, Airflow, Python & Tableau Responsibilities Maintain and improve our Redshift data warehousing system: Databases, ETL/ELT, data streaming system Monitoring data integrity, performance, advising and implementing necessary infrastructure changes Selecting and integrating any Big Data tools and frameworks (EMR Spark, AWS Athena, etc.) required to provide requested capabilities Participating in data product development, with a focus on: The implementation of practical machine learning solutions Bringing data solutions in production (REST API) Skills 2-3 years of experience in software engineering/ data engineering/ops Hands-on working experience with large-scale datasets Databases: Practical knowledge with SQL and no-SQL databases. You’re comfortable with querying and writing to databases. Very proficient in Python. Linux sys-admin skills Self-starter, a natural planner who looks ahead, raises issues, resolves them and meet deadlines Pluses Hands-on experience with Machine Learning (classification, clustering) Proficient in a compiled language would be a plus. Familiarity with AWS (DynamoDB, Redshift, S3, EC2, RDS) Understanding of some BI Tools (Tableau, Qlikview, etc.) Experience in creating a REST API that can handle a production load (code + deploy)

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