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Regional Infrastructure Manager at Shiseido

Job Description

Shiseido Asia Pacific was established in Singapore as headquarters for the region in January 2016. With Asia's massive growth potential and Singapore's strategic location close to key Asian markets, this has enabled Shiseido to garner deeper Asian consumer insights, localize marketing and most importantly quickly cultivate and deliver brands that Asian customers know and love through faster decision-making and execution. MAIN PURPOSE Regional Infrastructure Manager is to plan, direct, and coordinate the design, installation, and connectivity of computer systems and network infrastructure to ensure the stable operation of the organization's IT assets. This includes developing, configuring, maintaining, supporting, and optimizing all new and existing network hardware, software, and communication links. This role is also responsible for PC, telephone, security systems and other electronic infrastructure. This role requires the in-depth knowledge and experience necessary to perform hands-on tasks as part of daily job duties to support critical infrastructure including network design and support and connectivity to external cloud and service providers. This includes developing, maintaining, supporting, and optimizing key functional areas, particularly Network Infrastructure, Security, Audit Compliance, Server infrastructure, Data communications, and Telecommunications systems. In addition, the role will support the planning and management of regional infrastructure in Shiseido Asia Pacific region under the leadership of Regional ICT director of Shiseido Asia Pacific. The role will collaborate with HQ Infrastructure team and local IT team in Asia Pacific region to define and implement next regional infrastructure in APAC affiliates of Shiseido group. Key Responsibilities Design and implement short and long-term strategic plans to make certain network capacity meets existing and future requirements. Develop and maintain policies and procedures for network resource administration and appropriate use. Practice network asset management, including maintenance of network component inventory, life cycle management and related documentation. Provides ownership of problem thru final resolution. Plan, acquire, and coordinate installation of in-house and remote hardware and software across the organization's network. Conduct research and make recommendations on network products, services, protocols, and standards in support of network procurement and development efforts. Negotiate with vendors, outsourcers, and contractors to secure network products and services. Assess, approve, and administer all equipment, hardware, and software upgrades. Manage and ensure effectiveness of servers, including e-mail, print, and backup servers, and their associated operating systems and software. Responsible for third party data center in Singapore. Manage and ensure optimal operation of all network hardware and equipment, including routers, switches, hubs, UPSs, and so on. Plan, provide and manage PC and related operational support Manage and ensure effectiveness of security solutions, including firewalls, anti-virus solutions, and intrusion detection systems. Establish and maintain regular written and in-person communications with the organization's executives, decision-makers, stakeholders, department heads, and end users regarding pertinent network activities. Manage operational costs; conduct near- and long-term financial forecasts for expanded functionality/user base. Test network performance and provide network performance statistics and reports; develop strategies for maintaining network infrastructure. Oversee the administration of user accounts, permissions, and access rights in AD. Direct and administrate a contingent of network analysts and technicians, and where necessary, conduct performance reviews and corrective action. Provide guidance to their members of the team. Requirements 5 years of experience managing and configuring enterprise-wide LANs, WANs, WLANs, VPNs, etc. Exceptional knowledge of service and application delivery, as well as successful service level agreement accomplishments. 2 years successful leadership of an infrastructure team. Excellent knowledge of current protocols and standards, including Active Directory, Group Policies, Core Switching/Routing, SSL/IPSec, Virtualization, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery. Experience in interpreting the applicability of local and federal laws/regulations (including data privacy practices and laws) to company operations. Hands-on experience troubleshooting hardware such as PC, servers, routers, bridges, switches, hubs, modems, network interface cards, and so on. Knowledge and understanding of system flow charts, data processing concepts, and telecommunications principles. Experience installing network cabling and telephony systems. Show more

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