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Platform Engineering : Cloud Platform Developer (Virtualization & Orchestration) at Shopee

Job Description

We are constantly improving Shopee's cloud capabilities, researching, designing and implementing virtualization (docker, KVM, Kata) and hybrid orchestration (Eru, Kubernetes) services, providing stable and reliable infrastructure for Shopee cloud products. Being open-minded and innovative, we solve challenging problems and provide technical platforms to support our fast-growing business.

Job Description:

Improve the availability, stability, security, and extensibility of Shopee's cloud services.
Research, design and develop virtualization solutions (docker, KVM, Kata) and hybrid orchestration platform (Eru, Kubernetes).
Customize Kubernetes for Shopee cloud, develop Kubernetes plugins (CRI, CNI, CSI) and operators.
Write high-quality, clean, elegant, and maintainable code.
Understand the technical platform, constantly optimise the service, identify and fix problems, improve usability, stability and reliability.
Design and implement various supporting tools as needed.


Bachelor's or higher degree in Computer Science or related fields.
In-depth understanding of computer science fundamentals: data structures and algorithms, operating systems, networks, databases, etc.
Strong and hands-on experience with at least one of the programming languages: Go, Python, C++, Java.
Familiarity with Linux development environments and multi-threading programming.
Familiarity with common network protocols (TCP, UDP, HTTP) and network programing.
Experiences in Kubernetes development and maintenance.
In-depth understanding of virtualization, containers and orchestration technologies.
Familiarity with SDN technologies and network plugins (Calico, Flannel, OVS).
Experiences in design and development of large-scale distributed systems. (preferred)
Contribution to open-source projects. (preferred)
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