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Open Source Engineer (Remote work) at HUMAN Protocol Foundation

Job Description

The most courted protocol in blockchain is seeking an engineer for open sources integration of applications into human protocol. In general the candidate should be well rounded in computer science and system fundamentals and be comfortable coding in common languages.

HUMAN Protocol already processes transactions with hundreds of millions of individuals in 274 countries and territories. HUMAN is the most widely used blockchain technology, worldwide. HUMAN facilitates trustless labor markets and already supports billions of data annotations each month.

Work with an exciting team of industry leaders and domain experts at the world's biggest data labeling marketplace on the future of HUMAN. This technology has been live for years and is not yet available on public exchanges.

You will be integrating the human protocol into all of the different human work applications from around the internet. Your main role is working with the numerous other technical teams which all contribute to the human protocol. Example of existing projects that we are integrating into the human protocol


Must have skills

5 years Professional Experience in computer science or computer systems related careers
Special attention will to candidates with a history of open source development
Most of the open source in the labeling space is in python, but you should be comfortable with learning new languages
Nice to have skills

Knowledge of JavaScript and web development experience
Experience with Machine Learning
Math experience
Experience with labeling software such as CVAT or INCEpTION

ˆ A large amount of paid vacation

Unlimited vacation with cause
Integration work is either open source or with our top industrial partners

ˆ Flexible schedule;

ˆ Work from any convenient place: from home, coworking, cafe;

ˆ Lack of bureaucracy;


In some countries, you will need to issue a "sole proprietor" and attach a card in order to receive monthly wages for it. We can recommend the best way to do this.
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