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Linux System Engineer at FPT Information System

Job Description

Job Description

Install software on Linux, issue trouble-shooting.
Manage, implement software upgrades, patches, hot fixes on Linux.
TCP/IP Networking (DNS, DHCP, VPN, firewall, routing, NAT, SMTP, FTP, etc)
Fault finding, analysis and of logging information for debugging, reporting, ¦
Interface with customer to discuss requirements, issues

Job Requirements

1-3 years working with Linux OS, able to analyze and trouble-shoot issues
Able to work outside, at fields
Experience embedded system, automotive software.
Able to troubleshoot and find solutions to hardware, software and network problems.
Can analyze route cause of bug and can explain it for customer by English.
Can work independently

Work Place : Office located on Tuas South Ave 7 and/or Office located on Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
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APPLY at LINKEDIN : https://sg.linkedin.com/jobs/view/linux-system-engineer-at-fpt-information-system-2515717007

Google Company: https://www.google.com/search?q=Linux%20System%20Engineer%20at%20FPT%20Information%20System 

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