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C++ Engineer (Video Analytics, A.I.) at NCS Group

Job Description

* Description:

Video Intelligence Technology Group in NCS focuses on building large scale platform for video surveillance and analytics. Our Video Analytics (VA) team has access to an advanced video platform, large amounts of exclusive data and aims to deploys VA solutions to hundreds of thousands of cameras in different countries.

With the goal of bringing the power of VA, deep learning, and Artificial Intelligence to more customers across Singapore and beyond, we are looking for passionate C++ engineer to join us. Supported by our researchers and data annotation teams, the engineer will focus on building intelligent video analytics products such as face recognition, human re-identification, or abnormal behaviour detection. He/she will have the opportunity to work on cutting edge technologies including state-of-the-art deep learning frameworks and algorithms, Kubernetes, cloud and edge computing.

* Key responsibilities:

1. Design, build and enhance video analytic products.

2. Define test cases and benchmarking method to ensure the product quality.

3. Work with researchers to train and fine-tune deep learning models.

4. Explore and evaluate VA-related open source libraries.

5. Collaborate with other teams to integrate and deploy VA products.

* Minimum requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree in in computer science or related technical field.

2. At least one-year experience in video analytic or machine learning related product.

3. Proficient in C/C++ and experienced in Python

4. Familiar with popular libraries such as OpenCV, Scipy, or Pytorch.

5. Familiar with Linux environment.

6. Familiar with deployment and version control tools such as GitLab, CMake, and Docker.

7. Curious and willing to learn new technologies.

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