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System Engineer at 3SI Group


Job Description

Knowledge Required In The Following Field designing and setting up surveillance system and storage system computer system troubleshooting skill such as hardware and windows system programming language C, C++, visual basic, shell script and MS SQL IT security and distributed system designing Responsible for installation, configuration of software, commissioning of Security System configuration of Product’s software Responsible for all aspects during project deployment from system designs, installation and commissioning Testing, Evaluation and Implementation of New Products Responsible for all pre and post service documentation and process Responsible for product demonstration and training IT (Networking) Cisco Networking Fundamentals Cisco Routing Theory & Router Technology Cisco Advanced Switching Cisco Network Design & Implementation System Administration LAN Technology Video System Basic CCNA Certificate Maintenance, installation, onsite fault analysis and replacement of a wide variety of equipment such as Intrusion Alarm systems – Bosch, Craddx & NetWorX Access control systems – In-house product, Pacom, Lenel, Bosch CCTV systems – Lenel, Axis, Bosch, Panasonic, Pelco, FLIR Design, plan, installation, testing and commissioning of CCTV Systems, Intrusion Detection System, Door Access System, Turnstile, Flap Barrier, Mantrap Capsule and Road Barrier System Show more

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