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Cloud data center Network Consultant ( Only singaporean or PR) at OX Consultancy Pte Ltd

Job Description

Cloud data center Network Consultant - Permanent “ Open for only Locals/SPR

Key Responsibilities:

1. Plan and construct Cloud data center network, VPC, load balance platform. Improve operation and maintenance efficiency.

2. Analyze and solve network problem, provide methodology and improve technical ability in team.

3. Improve usability of network platform via technical method and process management.

4. Find unreasonable and inefficient aspect in daily work. Provide optimization plan and implement it.

Bachelor's in Computer Science/Electronics/ Technology Track
2-3 Years
Minimum 2 years of related experience. Be familiar with TCP/IP, SDN. Be able to troubleshoot problem in Linux virtual network.
Be familiar with major network devices, and proficient in network protocol (eg. ospf, bgp). Experience in network design, operation and maintenance is a plus.
Have good understanding of major virtual technique (eg. kvm, xen, hyper-v, lxc), and hands-on experience in troubleshooting virtual problems.
Be familiar with Sniffer, Wireshark and other network analysis tools
Basic Linux and Windows Knowledge
Be skilled in one or more scripts like Shell, Python and Perl. Be proficient in common commands like awk, sed, grep, strace, tcpdump, gdb etc.
Good team Player
Work with a global team of highly motivated engineers and software developers
Document standards and procedures.
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