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Network Engineer at Singapore Smart Telecommunications Pte Ltd

Job Description

Responsibilities We Are Seeking For A Hands On Network Engineer, Who Will Be Part Of The Software Development Team Of The Group Enterprise 5G Product House, Contributing On The Design And Implementation For Singtel Edge And Private Cloud. In This Position You Will Work With The 5G Product Team, To: Design A Multi Data Center Edge Cloud Network Including The Design Of Switches, Routers And Firewall. Understand Cis And Im8 Requirements For Data Centers And Private Cloud End To End And Ensure Compliance In The Design. Design The Security In Transportation And Routing Layer With Firewalls And Software Defined Security Measures To Protect The Private Datacenter Environments. Design Fault Resilience By Planning Dual Path For All Inter And Intra Data Center Communications. Manage Overall System Health And Ipmi Of Servers. Qualify And Select The Right Switches, Routers And Firewall For Private Data Center Setup And Expansion. Ensure Sound And Compliant Design Lead And Drive The Technical Design. Understand L2 And L3 Networking And Design The Best Routing Plan For The Private Data Center. Understand Protocols Like Nat, Bgp, Ospf For Designing An Optimal Routing Setup Foro The Private Data Center. Own Entire Network Architecture Design. Be A Team Player Be Involved In Implementation Planning, Detail Design Development, As Well As Uat/Sat Document Development Show More


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