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Network Deployment Manager at UnaBiz

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Job Description: Network Deployment Manager Country: Singapore We are looking for vibrant talent to manage our IoT network infrastructure deployment. Responsibilities Manage network deployment Lead in network deployment plan of telecom basestation Site acquisition of building rooftops to deploy Sigfox IoT Network base-stations Negotiate and manage installation with contractors and landlords of the buildings Oversee the field network deployment in getting contractors to install and deploy the network. RF Radio Planning Produce and update RF coverage map Optimize the radio deployment Oversee and maintain the network health at high uptime Define and manage on field maintenance operation Update deployment and maintenance activity dashboard Oversee internal system operations Ensure network asset inventory are optimized Contract renewal Requirements Field network deployment - RF base-station site installation on roof-tops on commercial buildings and HDB buildings, familiar in paperwork process and site negotiations. Technical - Basic telecom equipment, RF propagation testing, field engineering. Project management – Manage team and oversee telecom engineering projects onsite. About UnaBiz We are a young, energetic IoT (Internet of Things) start-up. We are the exclusive network operator of the Sigfox network in Singapore and Taiwan. Licensed by IMDA as a Facility-Based Operator (FBO) in Singapore, UnaBiz owns and deploys nation-wide carrier grade network infrastructure in Singapore and Taiwan to enable physical devices to connect to the cloud. Come visit our website: www.unabiz.com About Sigfox Network. Long range covering the whole Singapore Low in device and subscription cost so that it can deployed pervasively Wireless and low power so that it can installed and maintained easily at a very wide scale Doesn’t need pairing and SIM card so it can be connected easily Show more

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