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Cloud Migration & Service Engineer (Huawei Cloud) at Huawei

Responsibilities: Understand the business scenarios of large and medium-sized enterprises, cooperate with the IT, application architecture and personnel of the enterprise, sort out and analyze the existing IT architecture of the customers, and promote the landing, implementation and delivery of the design solutions provided by the pre-sales architects. According to the customer's business needs, based on Huawei's cloud technology architecture, output service solutions that meet customer needs. Have a certain P2V/V2V migration experience, and be responsible for the design and implementation of the cloud evaluation and implementation plan of the customer's existing application system and data migration to Huawei cloud. Regularly communicate with major customers (on-site or remotely) to ensure that users use the healthy and stable operation of the cloud business to enhance the customer experience. Qualifications: Relevant Bachelor Degree, 3-5 years experience in ICT related solution. Familiar with mainstream database or middleware, understand the principle of database, and have experience in maintenance or migration or backup of one of the mainstream databases Oracle, mysql and SQL server. Familiar with virtualization architecture such as Openstack and mainstream public cloud services, and clearly describe its working principle and basic architectural logic. It has certain understanding of the difference between cloud services of different brands. Familiar with common operating systems (Linux/Windows), with knowledge of network domain (DNS/BGP/VPN/ELB/IP, etc.), software development or Internet after-sales service or operation and maintenance work experience is preferred. Have experience in operation and maintenance or management of certain IT infrastructure (including server, storage, database, network, middleware, mainstream file system); experience with rich enterprise-level application architecture design or cloud service integration is preferred. Familiar with python or go language, able to use the shell script language. Understand the test process, will use Jmeter or Loadrunner, can write test steps according to the application scenarios provided by the customer. With excellent document skills, skilled in writing technical documents; good communication, coordination and resource integration capabilities. Show more

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