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Network Administrator/Engineer #SGUnitedTraineeships at i-Sprint Innovations  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Traineeship Description To foster Network/System Management and Planning Skills through the role of a Trainee Network Administrator/Engineer, to develop Network/System Technical Analysis, Capability and Problem-Solving Skills via system and network solution analysis, design, and deployment, as well as troubleshooting of issues reported, and to promote Professionalism and Effective Communication via self-confidence in representing the team, effective oral and written presentations among peers . Specific Responsibilities Configure, maintain and upgrade corporate systems, networks and in house servers, and monitor all active network equipment to ensure smooth network operation Implement and maintain a reliable, high availability, secure and efficient data communications network and servers ensuring systems are of high availability with minimal system down time, and to monitor system and network performance (availability, utilization, throughput, and latency) and test for weaknesses. Define network policies and procedures, research and make recommendations on network/system design and administration, and provide support include troubleshooting wide area networks, servers and routers, local area networks, and switches. Competencies Network/System Management and Planning Skills Network/System Technical Analysis, Capability and Problem-Solving Skills Professionalism and Effective Communication Highest Qualification Required Degree Holder Trainee should possess sound understanding of operating systems and networking, practical knowledge on OS administration on both Windows and UNIX environments including OS shell scripting, and perhaps network administration encompassing various types of network servers and devices. Duration of Traineeship Offered: 12 Months Eligibility Criteria For SGUnited Traineeships Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident Graduated or graduating in the calendar year 2019 or 2020 from Polytechnics, Universities, or other educational institutions (e.g. private universities and overseas institutions); or Graduated earlier from above institutions and completed National Service in 2019 or 2020. Show more

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