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Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Network at NCS Group

Job Description


Patch Management

Solidify and enforce pre-existing patch management policies and procedures.
Plan and Coordinate Patch schedules with Application and Infrastructure teams to ensure no conflicts are encountered
Establish and maintain a patch calendar and container groups
Attend Weekly meetings such as CAB, Problem, Patch exception processing and Compliance meeting.
single point of contact for all patch management matters, and shall minimally be responsible for the following:
Identify new patches for the Systems managed by the Contractor and seek Representative's decision on the patching priority;
Identify new patches for Microsoft Windows desktop operating systems and desktop applications, and seek Representative's decision on the patching priority.
Ensure that evaluation and packaging of patches is completed within the required timeline based on the assigned patching priority;
Coordinate patch evaluation with other team and collate patch evaluation results;
Announce the availability of patch packages and patch evaluation results to other team within the required timeline based on the assigned patching priority;
Maintain up-to-date patch deployment status and patch timeline compliance records of all Infrastructure and Computing Devices managed;
Collate patch deployment status summary and patch timeline compliance reports
Provide monthly Patch Management reports:
Patch status summary report that provides information of the deployment completion status and percentage of each patch for all Infrastructure and Computing Devices
Patch deployment status summary and patch timeline compliance reports from other team

IT Security Responsibilities;

Coordinates the continuous development, implementation and updating of security and privacy policies, standards, guidelines, baselines, processes and procedures in compliance with local, state and federal regulations and standards for University information systems.
Develop and manage the frameworks, processes, tools and consultancy necessary for IT to properly manage risk and to make risk-based decisions related to IT activities.
Proactive identification and mitigation of IT risks as well as responding to observations identified by third party auditors or examiners while assisting in the development of periodic reports and dashboards presenting the level of controls compliance and current IT risk posture.
Assist IT managers and staff with the audits and facilitate management response and remediation efforts. Ensure overall IT compliance with regulatory requirements through proactive planning and communication, ownership and relationships.
Broaden and deepen knowledge of the business and environment of
IT with respect to the delivery of projects, strategic initiatives and systems
portfolio to effectively assist IT managers and staff with risk and compliance
Identify acceptable levels of residual risk and assist with action plans, policy and procedural changes for risk mitigation. Provide strategic recommendations to key IT projects to help improve project results, quality of deliverables, risk optimization, security processes and compliance with regulations.

N Minus 1 (N-1) Patching

Ensure all company assets maintain an N minus 1 OS and firmware version to maintain appropriate vendor support.

Be available 7 x 24 when needed for critical Patching coordination and issue mitigation.

The Ideal Candidate Should Possess

5+ years of experience with managing data center operations to include the following key areas:
Patch Management processes along with a working knowledge of Problem, Incident, Change, Configuration, and Availability management processes
Definition and management of standards, key performance indicators (KPI), and critical success factors required to deliver operational excellence
Research, analytical, and problem solving skills
Management of outsourced and/or right shored technical teams
Managing environments to stay within security compliance, policies and best practices such as PCI and SOX compliance, COBIT, and ISO
ITIL v3 certified

3+ years of experience with the following skills:

Leveraging systems patch management tools such as SCCM, VMware update manager, and Microsoft patching tools
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