Business Planning and Control Manager

Provide management with support from strategic and financial planning standpoint, including effective mid range / annual strategy plan development, and accurate performance review / analysis, in order to strengthen company's future growth opportunity. 

Duties & Responsibilities: 

1.  Prepare monthly performance report, including “major action progress at company's region HQ and operating subsidiaries,” “revenues/ profit analysis by service business lines,” and “major global customer reviews.” 
2.  Prepare financial analyses of project costs, profitability study, trend data reports and other findings for management to develop service business strategy.

[Strategic and financial plan development] 
3.  Support development of financial / strategic annual and mid-range plans in assigned areas 
4.  Analyze historical data  / apply sensitivity analysis of GS business in AP/China in order to develop future planning 
5.  Search and report market and competitors movement 
6.  Develop  and analyze service business profit model, and provide proposal for its improvement 

[Service business infrastructure deployment] 
7.  Develop and improve service business management infrastructure in assigned areas 

[Urgent ad-hoc support / project support] 
8.  Deal with finance / planning related urgent ad-hoc requests from management. 

[Administrative support] 
Deal with designing and implementing general administrational issues for SGP Office 
.  At least 5 years of relevant working experience, preferably in business planning or finance planning related responsibilities 
.  University degree in Business discipline 
.  Managerial accounting skills 
.  Business planning skills 
.  Financial analysis / evaluation skills 
.  Strategy evaluation skills 
.  Ability to deal with urgent requests from  management 
.  Ability to handle multiple tasks 
.  Strong time management skills 
.  Strong analytical and problem solving skills 

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Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Open