Head of Project Management Office (professional services)

To manage the Project Management Office, including development and maintenance of a formalised project framework and ensuring that appropriate project and risk management practices are available.
Plan, schedule, and monitor overall progress and initiate corrective action, as appropriate, to ensure that programme deliverables are produced on time and within budget. Determine, monitor, and review all programme economics to include programme costs, operational budgets, staffing requirements, programme resources, and programme risk
Manage exceptions, slippage and issues of priority, and initiate extra activities wherever gaps in the programme are identified. Provide regular reports of the programme to senior management.
Participate in and/or lead meetings and project teams with a view to developing, maintaining and monitoring the best possible quality of service.
Provide value added services through a consultative, value added approach
Develops, clarifies and manages the scope of the project, defines contract deliverables and achieves targeted outcomes.
Ensure project requirements are achieved in a timely fashion and within budget guidelines.
Assembles project team, identifies needed resources, assigns responsibilities and develops timeframes to facilitate successful completion of project activities and deliverables.
Determines project costs/ensures delivery on time and within budgetary guidelines.
Ensures compatibility and consistency across our client's org.
Performs cost/benefit analysis of actions and initiatives.
Define (scope) and implement project plans in accordance with the client’s needs as early as pre-selling activities, through proposal scoping and through project start up, execution and completion. This role will cover the entire life cycle.
Select, on-board and orient the team that will be assigned to a specific project to clearly identify purpose and background for the project.
Define and determine role of project management in each project, including specific roles and responsibilities for each project member.
Provide hands-on project management and actively manage project plan, deliverables, dependencies and outcome for selected project(s) as approved by senior management and key stakeholders to ensure that the project goals and objectives are achieved within the project timeframe and guidelines established by the relevant stakeholders and management committees. Obtain approval from key client stakeholders when project is completed and close the project.
Prepare communication plan and related project status reports to key stakeholders and governance bodies (as appropriate) to provide project updates on activities and deliverables, as well as risks and mitigation strategies.
Define and manage overall change control processes and quality assurance aspects of the project to ensure project success.
Identify and manage overall project dependencies and ensure project deliverables stay on-time, on-target and on-budget.
Define and manage overall project risk identification and mitigation process through interaction with project constituents and stakeholders.
Identify on a timely basis all project barriers and identify strategies and approaches to overcome these barriers.
Define and implement the appropriate change management strategy and plans to ensure that change management concerns are addressed during and after project implementation, as well as to ensure that the project impact is sustainable and supported by the business process owners.
Complete and manage project activities using an industry standard project management process and approach to ensure a consistent approach to project completion with other similar projects within the organization.

More than 10 years of experience in relevant field
PMP Certified
Good overall knowledge of IT practice and application, including experience of working with client server, web systems, complex database driven applications and massively interdependent systems and/or systems administration and management skills.
Excellent analytical and organizational skills, including the proven ability to adapt to a dynamic project environment and manage multiple projects.
A global perspective with the ability to understand and work effectively in a culturally diverse organization.
The proven ability to manage key stakeholder interests in an ambivalent culture while at the same time managing conflicting priorities and business interests.
Demonstrated leadership qualities such as conflict/issue resolution.
Organizational management; including structuring tasks for the team, implementing plans and strategy and taking responsibility for all aspects of work
Ability to communicate (verbally and written) effectively with clients, stakeholders and senior leadership.
Ability to organize and work effectively with project teams of staffs from various departments and clients.
Communication and presentation (written and oral): above average communication skills with people from a wide variety of backgrounds; proficient in effective presentation techniques and with a good personal presence; proficient in receiving complex ideas with clarity and ensuring other staff understand these ideas
Cross-functional and inter-disciplinary awareness: understanding the needs, objectives and constraints of those in other disciplines and functions
Customer focus: understanding the needs of the internal or external customer and keeping them in mind when taking actions or making decisions


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Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Open