Commercial Contracts Manager (managed account)

Commercial Contracts Manager
Supporting a Key managed outsourced Account, the incumbent will have
1) Ability to put together a commercial proposal for an ICT requirement given the appropriate technical requirements. These include Carriers, Equipment  Makers, and Professional Service requirements.
2) Ensure consistent pricing principles are applied with regards to all commercial proposals going to customer. These principles should be in line with Contract and Governance requirements
3) Consolidating all commercial proposals under one proposal to offer a single business case with a single P&L
4) Negotiating with Vendors for better Transfer Pricings
5) Setting up the Pricing process and Service Levels between our client and Vendors which include adherence to timelines, pricing accuracy
6) Putting together a Price Book for the ease of future pricing requirements
7) Ability to front the customer of pricing related issues
8) Ability to present to TM on Business case and P&L of the account.

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Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Open