Project Manager (ICT)

· Coordinate, develop, implement and achieve project plan. 
· Establish the project team and ensure all team members understand and accept their responsibilities. 
· Allocate and expend project resources according to the approved project plan. 
· Control and manage change to ensure timely adaptive action is taken Lead and motivate the project team. 
· Analyze the actual performance against the project plan. 
· Help the team to resolve conflicts and interface problems within the project and committed to success of the project. 
· Ensure system end to end delivery as designed and formalize acceptance of project, compile documentation, reflect on lessons learnt and bring The project to an orderly close. 
· Develop close rapport with the customers and work and co-ordinate closely with customer before and during project implementation. 
· SPOC for customer on any matters in regards to the implementation of the project. 
· Provide periodically update on progress to the customer and management. 
· Ensure that customer projects are completed with high quality and to the customer s satisfaction. 
· Take on the Service Manager role after the project implementation. 
· Manage Project Executive. 

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Country: Singapore
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