Customer Engineering Senior Engineer / Engineer


 1. Manage and monitor the customers’ product lifecycles, which include timely prototype delivery, qualification, and successful ramp to production by utilizing and updating the appropriate systems.

2. Ensure that the customer’s voice is heard in

3. Facilitate and resolve customers' technical and quality issues up to closure with proactive and effective communication. Main focus will be on resolving yield issues related to customers' design and IP usage in their products.

4. Process and manage customer interfaces (such as but not limited to customer requests, meetings, visits, complaints and feedbacks) with timely closed-loop response.

5. Support and utilize the Customer Survey to gauge customer satisfaction and drive for improvements with the aim of being rated as #1 Supplier. 6. Solicit training and coaching so as to continuously improve the skills and knowledge needed to carry out Customer Engineering’s roles and responsibilities.

7. Be buddies to new Customer Engineer when assigned by supervisor so as to help new Customer Engineer learn his/her role.

8. Champion at least 1 project per year that is assigned by supervisor.

9. Synergize and participate with other departments (such as but not limited to Regions, Fab Ops, QA, HR, Finance) in achieving corporate management’s business objectives and initiatives.


1. Ph.D. / Masters / Degree in Electrical / Electronic Engineering, Physics or Semiconductor related engineering degree.

2. At least 3 years' working experience in the wafer fabrication industry in a technical position.

3. Customer-friendly, personable and communicative.

4. Proactive, outgoing and energetic.

5. Teachable, mature and creative.

6. Possess systematic and creative problem solving skills.


General CV submission 


Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Open