Facilities Manager - Asia Pacific (M&E)

Primary Role:
   Strategic maintenance and project manager for critical environments  (data centers) owned or leased by our client in Asia. While overseeing facility
   maintenance contractors is an important aspect, managing facility  improvement projects is a key responsibility as well as developing and
   maintaining a strategic alignment between critical environment infrastructure capacity and business requirements generated from client
   demand are critical aspects in the performance of this role.

   Duties & Responsibilities:
-  Provide on-site project management of ongoing and new initiatives to eliminate single points of failure in the electrical and mechanical
   infrastructures of data center facilities.
-  Update the data center capacity plan considering changing workload being introduced to the raised floor space
-  Oversee the development and maintenance of key information gathering and reporting tools that support the flexibility to rapidly respond to
   emerging opportunities, the capability to perform ongoing what analysis, and the ability to proactively plan for the long-term.
-  Develop plans to continuously optimize the portfolio of owned/leased data center facilities that achieve desired utilization levels and the
   lowest overall total cost of operation.  In some instances, new  outsourcing deals result in the acquisition of a customer's MC
   facilities that must be integrated into the our client's facilities portfolio.
-  Develop strong business cases that gain support and funding for facilities optimization decisions (e.g., closure, consolidation,
   compression, site improvement, and new site acquisition).
-  Support the budgeting efforts for data center facilities and identify expenditures for major initiatives to be included in the our client's Asia fiscal
-  Work closely with our client's Sales and Account Executives to develop an  ongoing forecast of demand (new and expansion).
-  Become involved early in the new business sales cycle working closely with account and sales executives to determine the impact that acquiring
   a client's managed computing (data center) facilities would have on the overall portfolio and recommend negotiating options.
-  Oversee the development of site preparation plans for absorbing new business or for consolidation initiatives.
-  Oversee the operational status of all data center facilities to  ascertain that they are performing at defined capacity and reliability
-  Establish an ongoing audit program for maintenance, technical and operational readiness.

   Knowledge & Skills required:
-  The ability to translate the impact strategic business objectives  have upon the critical environments facilities strategy.
-  The ability to operate effectively in a matrix management environment  reporting to the Vice President of Asia Pacific Operations and the
   Corporate Director of Critical Environments for technical direction.
-  Strong business and cost management skills.
-  Good working knowledge of cost/benefit modeling and business case  development.
-  Presentation, communication, and persuasion skills.
-  Strong project management skills and the ability to maintain oversight of numerous simultaneous projects.
-  Technical knowledge of architectural, mechanical, and electrical  systems for data center facilities support.  Systems include
   uninterruptible power systems (UPS), engine generators, power  distribution units, fire protection, and security.  (Consulting
   engineers and certain internal  staff provide the required in-depth  technical knowledge).  Candidate should possess sufficient technical
   familiarity to understand technical issues in order to make related decisions and direct the data center Facilities Managers.
-  Knowledge of MC facilities management operations and maintenance  practices.
-  Experience in facilities management
-  Familiarity with IT management and operations.
-  Good working knowledge of computer toolsets—Work, PowerPoint, Excel, and MS Project..

   Reports to:
-  The Vice President of Asia Pacific Operations and the Corporate Director of Critical Environments.

   A minimum of 7 to 10 years of progressive management responsibility  related to the requirements of this position.

   An undergraduate degree in electrical or mechanical engineering is  required.




General CV submission 


Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Open