Transition & Transformation Manager (BPO 2-year Contract)

1.  Supporting the pursuit of new business through crafting transition and transformation plans as part of the proposal and projecting strong project management competency.  
2.  Executing transition plans – Transition projects moves a Customer organization from its inhouse mode of operation to an managed mode of operation. Transition will include the assumption the as-is environment, as well as fulfilling contractual requirements necessary to facilitate the transfer  
3.  Executing transformation plans – Transformation is the implementation of a set of contractually defined activities as stated in the solution design.  These activities should meet specific business objectives and lead to service enhancements, cost reductions, and/or quality, productivity and technology improvements  
Duties & Responsibilities:  Format sentence using 1. What is done (action) 2. How it’s done (procedure, method, tool or equipment) 3. Why it’s done (purpose, outcome, result); include level of responsibilities, autonomy and accountability.
1.  Lead a transition and/or transformation project team (maybe cross-functional, cross-country, cross-organization, cross-service, involving 3rd parties) to takeover service delivery from the customer (or incumbent) per the committed transition plan. Depending on project scale, may lead several projects simultaneously.  
2.  Work with customer and internal teams (delivery management, delivery manager, staffing, infrastructure/tools, etc.) to manage and deliver (transition and transformation) projects on schedule, within budget and with a high level of customer satisfaction.  
3.  Act as counterpart to customer appointed transition manager – maintaining close contact to ensure delivery to schedule and issues addressed.  
4.  Develop and own transition communication plan to ensure consistent understanding of transition progress within key stakeholders  
5.  Own transition management methodology. Update/improve the methodology based on learning and customer requirements/feedback.  
6.  Adhere to standard transition management methodology  
7.  Work in pursuit team to represent the transition and transformation function. Craft transition and transformation plans that may be part of the submitted proposal. Participate in customer presentations to project strong transition and transformation management competency.  
8.  During transformation, the TTM is accountable for the execution of all transformation activity end to end, with overall account responsibility remaining with the Client Manager.  
9.  Manage risk during transition and transformation  
1.  Degree in engineering, computer science, business or related fields.  
2.  Min 4 years of experience in managing IT or engineering projects – preferably with experience in setting up service delivery (covering aspects such as infrastructure setup, staffing, finance, knowledge transition, etc.).  
3.  Understanding of service delivery in a business process outsourcing context, particularly in imaging and archival, accounts payable and customer acquisition services.  
4.  Project Management certification e.g. PMP, CITPM  
5.  Understanding of technology, particularly as related to imaging software and hardware, document integration.  
6.  Strong customer management skills.  
7.  Experience working in regional/global teams.  
8.  Strong leadership skills – drive, initiative; assertiveness. 
9.  Strong communication skills – spoken and written. 
10.  Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

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Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
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