Network Engineers (L2 WAN/LAN support, APAC)

1.  Level 2 Network Engineering Support maintaining Asia Pacific Sites
2.  Implementation of Cisco routers for Wide Area connectivity between central and remote networks or  between point to point, and point to multipoint links including MPLS CE-PE BGP routing  
3.  Configuration of Cisco routers for different Layer 2 WAN technologies such as E1, T1, DS3, Frame-relay, and ISDN  
4.  Configuration of Cisco Routers and Remote Access Servers for routing within networks via EIGRP, OSPF, RIP, and BGP  
5.  Installation and commissioning of Cisco Catalyst switch series for Local Area Network connectivity  
6.  Configuration of Cisco switches supporting Layer 2 technologies like LAN Trunking, Spanning-tree protocol, Virtual LANs, transparent bridging (IRB and CRB), VTP, RSPAN and Layer 3 protocols such as HSRP, Multicast routing, and Multilayer switching (MLS)  
7.  Troubleshooting, Restoration, and  Maintenance of  Hardware and Software problem on the router and Catalyst switches such as link error, network performance degradation, module or interface failure, and Cisco IOS software problem  
8.  Network Design for new customer requirements (small to medium scale enterprise).  
2. Regional/Global Network Support Exp
3. Financial Sector b/grd

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Country: Singapore
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Open